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St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou treats patients from all over the world, they may have language barrier and different living habits, but theses are no longer problems with doctor’s exquisite leechcraft, noble medical ethics and tender care. Below are patients’ comments and testimonials:

Anticancer technology comparison between Malaysia and China

The medical technology in China is advanced than that in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are only traditional treatments for lung cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. There is no cryotherapy, interventional therapy and other minimally invasive therapies in Malaysia. To be honest, my mum and sister were disagree me to take cancer treatment in China at first, but after witnessing my improvement, they now support me and have faith in the medical technology in China.”

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——Malaysia Lung Cancer ONG CHOON MOY
Comparison of traditional cancer treatment and minimally invasive therapy

“My mom and some of her friends got cancer before, I knew taking chemotherapy is terrible, I felt scared and decided to look for better cancer treatment. I didn’t feel any discomfort after taking interventional therapy and particle implantation; I even could go back to work normally. Now, the back pain that tortured me about one year has completely disappeared. ”

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——Malaysia Thymus Cancer SAM YIT SIM
Considerate services

“Taking cancer treatment in MCHG is really convenient, they offer free airport shuttle service, it’s convenient for me to back and forth. During my hospitalization, variety of tourism activities are held every week, such as one-day tour around Guangzhou, visiting parks, etc. I feel at home taking treatment here, and there is no problems on my diet.”

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——Malaysia Nasopharyngeal Cancer VOO CHEW WAH
Hospital Environment

“The hospital environment is really good, every day I wake up at 5 o’clock and walk around in the ward to do some exercise. Then I go down to the sky garden on the forth floor to take a walk and a breath of fresh air. Medical services here are different form those in Malaysia, services here are really considerate; doctors and nurses are really nice.”

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——Malaysia Esophageal Cancer YONG AH SANG
Patient medical staffs

“Thanks doctors for their tender care. Every time before I take treatment, my attending doctor explains the whole treatment in detail and reminds me matters need attention. Besides, doctors also comfort me with a gentle attitude during the treatment. I didn’t feel any discomforts after the whole treatment.”

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——Malaysia Breast Cancer Ms Chen
Variety of tourism activities

“When I first came to this hospital, I felt very comfortable because every medical staff is passionate with smile, which helps me remove the fear and feeling of strange. Doctors and nurse from MCHG are responsible and kind. I often take part in those tourism activities to relax myself. Sometimes I ask the nurse to introduce me somewhere funny, then I go by myself based on the route they give me.”

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——Malaysia Nasopharyngeal Cancer KOK KAH LEONG
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