Stem Cells Bring Hope to a Spinal Cord Injury Patient*
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  • 2023-09-14
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He Zhi Rong Indonesia
Diseases:Spinal Cord Injury
Treatment programs:Stem cell therapy

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Chuang Tzu once said that “life is finite, while knowledge is infinite.” It means that human’s life is limited, but there is no end for study, which is adapted into many other expressions. For He Zhirong, “both life and love are infinite.” There is no end for life, as well as love.

A car accident destroyed a family

He Zhirong, 39-year-old, has been in bed for more than 1 year.

On March 15th, 2013, a car accident happened to He Zhirong in the prime of his life and he has lied in bed since then.

Since the car accident, He Zhirong has experienced chess distress, disturbance in respiration, gatism, dyskinesia of four limbs and complete paralyses of low limbs. He was diagnosed as “C2, 5, 6 fractures with spinal cord injury and high paraplegia” in a local hospital.

“High paraplegia” likes a bomb, which not only destroyed He Zhirong, but also torn a complete family asunder.

His wife and daughter left him and only his elderly mother has always been with him.

He looked for therapies here and there, but in vain.

Diagnosed as spinal cord injury and high paraplegia, He Zhirong began to undergo treatments in the local hospital. The first treatment was “internal fixation” surgery, which couldn’t cure spinal cord injury completely and he still had to lie in bed. There was no obvious improvement of his condition after three weeks in hospital.

Then he was transferred to a hospital in Djakarta to undergo the second internal fixation surgery and acupuncture and moxibustion combined treatment. There was a little effect of that treatment, with healing wound and stable vital signs. However, the condition of his four limbs hadn’t been improved yet. After three weeks, he was discharged from the hospital.

His mother and cousin support him to hold on.

He Zhirong extremely despaired at his wife and daughter’s abandon after the accident. They should have been intimate family, but they left him when he was extremely in need of them. The only comfort is that his mother and cousin are still with him and support him.

His elderly mother and cousin accompany him to search for treatments. Though his mother is old, she takes care of him and arranges everything for him. He Zhirong feels gratitude to his mother, as well as his cousin who works with a famous international insurance company as a manager. Although she is quite busy, she shows unfailing patience and spends a lot of time in helping him treating diseases.

He Zhirong said it was his mother and cousin’s support that made him hold on. His mother couldn’t move him and they couldn’t afford a nurse. As a result, he suffered from serious bedsore. He bore the pain with strong will silently.

Stem cell therapy of Modern Hospital Guangzhou brought hope as well as love.

In April, 2014, things have been changing.

On April 28th, He Zhirong came to Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center), accompanied by his mother and cousin. He was informed of there was a modern hospital in Guangzhou, china being committed to stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury by his friend.

After reading a lot of data and having a consultation in the hospital’s office in Djakarta, he set out with hope for standing up again and passion for life. Then, the expert team of Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center) diagnosed his diseases and made an elaborated therapeutic schedule for him. On May 2nd and May 9th, He Zhirong underwent two stem cell interventional surgeries. His recovery after those surgeries prove that stem cell therapy is effective. After stem cell treatment, He Zhirong’s bedsore heals completely, with strengthened upper limbs muscle and defecation under control. Erections of penis are more frequent, with sensation. His joint motion has been improved.

What moves He Zhirong is that Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center) bring him not only hope, but also love. Considering his economic condition, as well as his perseverance, the hospital gives him preferential benefits. Moreover, care from medical staffs and interpreters reassure him.

After 16 days treatment, He Zhirong was discharged from the hospital on May 16th. There is a next treatment for him. As far as his concerned, life is infinite and a car accident couldn’t stop him from pursuing the life; love is infinite and there are more people caring about him though his wife and daughter left him.

We sincerely wish him a quick recovery.

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