Colon Cancer

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What Is Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer refers to a tumor arising from colonic mucosal epithelium which becomes malignant under the impact of various carcinogenic factors like environment, genetics, etc. It often occurs in rectum and the junction of rectum and sigmoid colon. The incidence rate of colon cancer is second only to gastric and esophageal cancer. Conlon cancer is more common in the people at age of 40 to 50 and patients with colon cancer who are under age of 40 accounts for approximately 15%. The male and female ratio is 2:1.

Causes of Colon Cancer?

1. Diet: diets high in fat or low in fiber are believed to predispose humans to colon cancer.

2. Genetics: if first-degree relatives develop colon cancer, the risk of the next generations developing colon cancer is higher than others.

3. Colon polyps: polyps grow in the inner wall of colon or rectum, which are benign initially but it is likely to become malignant.

4. Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis: the risk of developing colon cancer in patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is 30 times higher than others.

Who are High-risk Populations?

1. The population has a history of familial polyposis.

2. The people have first-degree relatives with colon cancer.

3. Occult blood test shows positive in a long term.

4. Patients develop chronic ulcerative colitis.

5. The population has chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation.

Stages of Colon Cancer are:

Stage 0: abnormal cells are found in the wall of colon and colon cancer in this stage is also called primary cancer.

Stage I: Cancer is in the inner layers of colon, invading submucosa

Stage II: Cancer has spread through the muscle wall of the colon, but it has not spread to lymph nodes.

Stage III: Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes around colon, but it has not invaded other parts of body.

Stage IV: Cancer has spread to other organs, such as lung, liver, abdominal wall, ovary, etc.

Reoccurrence: colon cancer reoccurs after treatment and the recurrent regions are colon or other organs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Combined with traditional Chinese medicine, firstly, human body can get back to be dynamic balance, secondly, complications after surgery can be reduced, thirdly, sensitivity to radiation therapy and chemotherapy can be enhanced, reduced toxic side effects, fourthly, risk of reoccurrence and metastases can be decreased, thus patient’s quality of life can be improved and survival rate can be prolonged.

What does Postoperative Nursing Include?

1. About Clothes: soft, comfortable, elastic clothing should be chosen, in addition, belt should not be too tight so as to avoid pressing the wound.

2. About Bath: after the wound is healed completely, patient can take bath.

3. About Diet: patients need to ensure nutritional balance, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. About Exercise: appropriate exercise should be done to enhance physical condition and improve cold tolerance and resistance of body.

5. About Mental State: patient should keep optimistic and positive attitude, as well as avoid being depressed and tense.

What kinds of supports can be obtained?

Practice proves that the clinic team services composed by multiple disciplines like oncosurgery, oncology, pathology, imageology and anesthesia doctors as well as professional nurses, can provide patients with most effective, most suitable and most economic treatment plan, and also can greatly improve the therapeutic effect of treating cancer patients.

“One station” medical system constructed by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou combining multiple disciplines, can perform comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients under the condition of without adding patients’ burden. Therefore, on one hand, it can provide all-round and heartfelt medical services, and on the other hand, it improves medical efficiency and level. There are many channels can be applied to conduct the communication between patients and doctors, like online consultation, email, telephone conversation, and face-to-face consultation. All these consultation services can effectively help patients to fight the cancer. While the medical team faced by the patients includes doctors, nurses, dietitians, interpreters and so on to meet various demands in different level of different countries. Patients would be more confident under the unobstructed communication environment to cooperate the hospital to diagnose and treat the diseases.

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