They come from different countries around the world, but they have experienced the same experience and endured the pain that cancer has brought to them. However, now, with the effective treatment and meticulous care of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, they have rekindled their confidence in life and become anti-cancer fighters. Here, they share their anti-cancer experience, love and warmth with everyone.
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 6 years
"In 2016, I started to feel pain in my lower limbs during my running exercise, which spread to my lower limbs, so I went to a local hospital
Gastric cancer
Nguyen Thanh Tung
Vietnammore than 6 years

Nguyen Thanh Tung, from Hanoi, Vietnam, when he appeared at the “2023 Anti-Cancer Star Volunteer Back to Base” event held by ou...

Cervical cancer
Fei Fei
Indonesiamore than 7 years

"I believe in God and be grateful for everything, even cancer. Since this is a necessary trial in my life, I choose to be optimisti...

Hodgkin lymphoma

“St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital, brings hope and more choices to our whole family.” Recently, the father of a cancer patie...

parotid gland cancer
Ms. Chen
Malaysiamore than 6 years

(Personal interview with Ms. Chen) On November 15, 2023, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhouheld "Belt and Road Holistic ...

Lung Cancer
IndonesiaMore than 5 years

"hello, dear Friends, we don't need to worry and be afraid when we come to Guangzhou, China for treatment . St. Stamford Modern Can...

Gastric cancer
MalaysiaMore than 1 year

"Regarding treatment matters, the local Malay doctors will not talk to us a lot and they come and go so quickly, but the doctors ov...

Breast cancer
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 7 years

SAIDAH, 55 years old, comes from Indonesia, this is her fifth year of fighting cancer. She is not only a brave cancer patient, but ...

breast cancer
Elie Yap
philippinesSurvive for more than 8 years

A pretty woman No smell of disinfectant in the ward but a light scent of perfume. By this we can know that she is a pretty woman. H...

gastric cancer
Asm Tanvir Ahmed
bangladeshSurvive for more than 11 years

Mr. Asm Tanvir Ahmed This is the third time that Mr. Asm Tanvir Ahmed comes to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China for follow-u...

lung cancer
Reynaldo Panoso
philippinesSurvive for more than 11 years

Mr. Panoso Panoso, 47 years old, was living in Manila with his tender wife and cute daughter. Engaging in kitchen decoration, he de...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Victor Hugo
philippinesSurvive for more than 11 years

After the first session of treatment, my daughter and I have reached an agreement that we hope to share my treatment story with our...

Khim Tjhong
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 11 years

Lymphoma patient Khim Tjhong from Jakarta, Indonesia underwent interventional therapy and radioactive seeds implantation in Modern ...

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