Medical Guidelines
How do overseas patients come to our hospital for treatment? Our hospital has offices overseas, the staff in branch office and hospital staff will provide patients and their families with overseas services covering the entire treatment process from appointment, consultation, visa application, airport transfer service, follow up case, return visit, etc., so as to free you from all the worries when you seek medical treatment overseas.
Telephone/Internet consultations
If you have any questions about cancer treatment and would like to consult with oncology professors, you can contact the professor’s assistant by phone, WhatsApp, online appointment, or email and make an appointment to visit our oversea branch offices.
Tele: +60 10-898 8919
Email: [email protected]
Free Consultation/remote consultations
If you need to get more complete information about cancer treatment, you can bring your past detailed examination reports and make an appointment for online remote consultation. Our international oncologists will have face-to-face communication and consultation with you online, and the consultation is free and limited!
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Visa application
Our office staff is available to assist you in obtaining the necessary visas and booking airfare for treatment in Guangzhou, and our services are free of charge.
Kuala Lumpur
Address: Level 21-01, Menara Citibank, 165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Number: +60 10-898 8919
E-mail: [email protected]

St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China
Address: NO.42 Lianquan Road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,P.R.China
Number:+60 10-898 8919
E-mail:[email protected]

Free airport transfer service
We will arrange related person and free cars to pick you up in the airport according to your flight information. Before coming to the hospital, please be sure to contact the staff at the overseas office in advance to confirm the flight number, arrival time, accompanying persons and other needs. The pick-up personnel include medical staff, drivers and interpreters.
Upon arrival at the hospital, a team of MDT specialists will perform a detailed physical examination (if necessary) and draw up the most appropriate treatment plan. Our customer service department will provide you with private rooms, interpreters, and other customized services. Here, you will feel at home and enjoy the unique cosmopolitan atmosphere of Guangzhou, known as the Pearl of the Millennium.
Treatment finish
After the treatment, we will assist you with your return airfare, medical insurance, etc. We will try to meet any other medical needs you may have as far as possible within the scope of our rules. Within 1 week of your return, our staff in branch office will follow up your case to keep an eye on your health and answer your questions.
Return visit
If you had been treated in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and need return visit, you can contact us for an appointment first. More details:
(1)Generally doctors will tell you the date of return visit after treatment finishes.
(2)Before return visit, you can call local branch office or be online to make an appointment to fix the arrival time. We will continue to provide you services including visa application, air ticket booking, airport pick-up, etc.
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