Ovarian Cancer

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there were 1098 new cases of ovarian cancer in Malaysia and 639 deaths in 2014. As one of the most common malignant tumor among women, the incidence and mortality of ovarian cancer have been on the rise in recent years. Can ovarian cancer be treated? Minimally invasive therapy featuring few side effects, small trauma and quick recovery prevents ovarian cancer patients from suffering surgery and side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as extend their survival time.

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Advanced Ovarian Cancer Patient Shares Her Experience against Cancer

Classification of Ovarian Cancer: 

Ovarian cancer can be mainly divided into three types: Epithelial ovarian cancer(85%-90%), Ovarian germ cell tumors(<2%) and Ovarian stromal tumors,

Interpretation of Ovarian Cancer Pathology Report

Clinical stages of ovarian cancer

Tumor marker of ovarian cancer- CA125

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Ovarian Cancer Stages and Corresponding 5-year Survival Rate

Ovarian Cancer Stage I: 85%-90%;

Ovarian Cancer Stage II: 70%-73%;

Ovarian Cancer Stage III: 39%;

Ovarian Cancer Stage IV: 17%.

The staging of ovarian cancer is of great significance to the treatment plan and treatment effect. The extent, size and metastasis of the tumor affect the doctor's choice of treatment plan. The age, menopause and overall health status of the woman may have an impact on treatment options and prognosis.

Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Torturous Traditional Therapies for Ovarian Cancer

Surgical resection: Big trauma and high risk; Along with the tumor, both ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and omentum will also be resected. If necessary, the cecum and surrounding lymphatic may also be removed. Especially in the case of advanced ovarian cancer, surgery is difficult to achieve the desired effect;

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are difficult to thoroughly remove cancer cells; cause toxic and side effects, such as hair loss, vomiting, etc. Chemotherapy kills both cancer cells and normal cells, cause damage to the immune system at the same time. 80% of patient may suffer relapse after receiving these therapies.

Improve the Survival Rate of Ovarian Cancer with New Technology

Minimally Invasive Therapy: 2-3mm incision, few side effects, little pain

Particle Implantation

Particle Implantation: These implanted 125I seeds will keep emitting y-ray within the tumor, targeting to the cancer cells accurately; the radiation of seeds to tumor lasts for 180 days, high accuracy, millimeter minimally invasive; few toxic side effects and complications.

Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy: With 1-2 mm incision, local administration of drug, the drug concentration of interventional therapy is 2-8 times higher than that of systemic chemotherapy. It kills cancer cells more effectively with few toxic side effects.


Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy reduces the risks and complications from surgery. It also overcome the limitations of anesthesia and avoids the side effects of chemotherapy. Currently, this therapy has been successfully applied to numerous ovarian cancerpatients and able to obtain a great result.

Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine: Combining with advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, tumor cells will be directly wiped out accurately and powerfully. also maximally reduces patient’s physical hurt due to treatment.

To know more about new technology for treating Ovarian Cancer

If you want to know more about ovarian cancer treatment, we are here to offer help. call at  010-898 8919  for expert consultation.

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Nursing and Diet for Ovarian Cancer Patients

• Postoperative Nursing for Patients with Ovarian Cancer

• Dietary Principle for Ovarian Cancer Patients

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