Combined Knife
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  • 2023-11-27
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Applicable diseases:

Liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal tumor and primary and metastatic solid tumors in various organs such as abdominal and pelvic tumor

Technology advantages:

Minimally invasion without sutures; immunity stimulation; heating can significantly reduce the bleed

What is Combined Knife?

Combined Knife, it’s not actual surgical knife, but a composite cryogenic freezing surgical system, which conduct cold and heat ablation treatment with liquid-nitrogen by one or more ablation needles, it’s called combined knife because of its accuracy. It can “remove” the tumor precisely just like a scalpel, but unlike traditional surgery, it doesn’t need to pull out tumor tissue after surgery, since the tissue is inactivated and ablated in situ in the body.

The mechanism of Combined Knife

Under the guidance of CT or ultrasonography, the super minor composite cold and heat ablationprobe(about2mm) will be inserted into targeted tumor area percutaneously, gives dual physical stimulation of ultra-low temperature cryoablation (minimum temperature -196°C) and high-intensity heating ablation (maximum temperature 80°C) to tumor area, so as to destroy tumor cells by cold and heat alternately.This method not only can cause perfusion injury inside the tumor, increase vascular permeability, but also can aggravate the vascular endothelial injury so as to accelerate the process of tumor ischemic necrosis.

A single probe of Combine Knife has an active surface area of up to 4.5-6cm in diameter,it cansmoothlyswitch between low temperature and high temperature within 20 minutes, destroy the tumor in awiderrange.

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Applicable group:

Combined Knife is applicable for more than 80% of solid tumors, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer and other primary and metastatic solid tumor of various organs.

It’s suitable for cancer patient of advanced age and poor physical condition and other advanced stage tumor patient who cannot be treated or failed by other therapeutic method.

Applicable disease

1. Early-stage tumors: It can be used as alternative treatment for small tumors. For tumors less than 2cm in the early stage, the patient cannot undergo surgery due to physical conditions or tumor location, and combined knife ablation can be used to replace traditional surgery.

2. Advanced tumors: It can conduct apalliative ablation for advanced tumors, help patients reduce tumor burden by ablation, ease local compression or irritation caused by tumors, and increase therapeutic effect.

Combined Knife VS Traditional resection surgery

Combined Knife

Traditional resection surgery


High safety

High risk

Damage Degree

The size of wound is only 2mm, no damage to normal tissue and can be performed repeatedly.

Big surgical incision, more loss of blood and pain, high risk of relapse and metastasis

Treatment characteristics

There is no need to take surgery but can get the same effect as surgery. It can smoothly switch between low temperature and high temperature within 20 minutes, destroy the tumor in a larger range by heat and cryoablation alternatively.

Less loss of blood;

Quick recovery

Surgery can remove tumor only by operating under knife which will inevitably  brings great wound. Patients are of high risk of infections and complications after surgery.

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Typical treatment cases for Combined Knife

Tumor was still inside 81-year-old body after 5 sessions of chemotherapy, but it’s killed after adopting Combined Knife treatment.

8 advantages of Combined Knife treatment methods

1. Small trauma, quick recovery

Surgery will cause big trauma. The incision is easily to be infected and cause complications. However,  the diameter of super minor composite cold and heat ablationprobeis only2mm, it’s of less bleeding and quick recovery and requires no suturing.

2. Few side effects

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy bring great damages to human body. But Combined Knife is a kind of physical therapy which kills cancer cells without hurting normal tissues and producing side effects.

3. Real time monitoring

The whole process is performed under the guidance of image monitor, so The accuracy of parameter settings (heating and cooling speed and time, shape or size of the ice ball ) will be ensured.

4. Significant effect

Cryotherapy destroys tumor tissue thoroughly with extreme low temperature, the process of heating could reduce bleeding of needle track, and implantation metastasis can be prevented. It not only relieves cancer patient’s pain, but also prolongs their survival period.

5. Wide scope of application

Combined Knife is not only effective in treating tumor of small size or big size (whose diameter is over 5cm), but also in removing the residual tumor tissues after operation. Thus, it’s suitable for old and weak cancer patients and other  patients in advanced stage who cannot be treated or failed by other treatment methods. It’s also the only minimally invasive medical technology which will not restricted by artificial pacing equipment inside human body.

6. Local anesthesia

Combined Knife adopts only local anesthesia, so there is no limitations and risk of general anesthesia.

7. Repeatability

Combined Knife can be performed repeatedly to consolidate and enhance the efficacy without hurting normal tissues.

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