Zhao Yifan
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  • 2023-11-21
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Oncology ResidentPhysician-in-Charge
Specialty: Skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common solid tumors, specializing in the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture modalities for tumor treatment....


  He has been engaged in clinical work for many years and has a master’s degree in medicine. He is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of various common solid tumors and specializes in the internal medicine treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tract tumors, etc. He is familiar with a variety of minimally invasive treatments (interventional therapy, particle implantation therapy, microwave ablation therapy, Combined Knife, etc.), and is able to formulate an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan based on personal conditions and combine Chinese and Western medicine, with the aim of maximizing the therapeutic efficacy and minimizing the side effects.

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