Liver cancer
Mr. Xie
MalaysiaSurvive for more than 5 years

"I am the first Southeast Asian who came to the hospital for treatment after the Covid-19 pandemic" said Mr. Xie with a proud face....

Liver Cancer
VietnamSurvive for more than 4 years

VO VAN HOA, 55 years old, comes from Vietnam. He was diagnosed with primary liver cancer of stage III. In July 2019, he received in...

Liver Cancer
VietnamSurvive for more than 12 years

ANH LUONG, a Vietnamese liver cancer patient, took 1 session of interventional therapy in 2011 at MCHG. Due to his work, he stopped...

liver cancer
BangladeshSurvive for more than 10 years

with treatment and nurse of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the condition of Mr. SHIHAB has been under controlled. Mr. SHIHAB fr...

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