Choose Minimally Invasive Treatment for Breast Cancer Recurrence
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  • 2024-03-17
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Diseases:Breast Cancer
Treatment programs:interventional therapy

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VIENGSAMAY MIXAYBOUA: After I received treatment, my condition has turned better. I hope other patients must have faith that we can regain health. Trust St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital and never give up!

Once breast cancer recurs after surgery, it is more difficult to treat. If a patient needs surgery again, the operation will be more complicated and may causes severe side effects. It may decrease patient’s survival rate. So, how breast cancer patient do if cancer recurs after surgery?

Let’s see how Viengsamay Mixayboua faced with this situation.

Viengsamay Mixayboua, 47 years old, is from Laos. One year after surgery for right breast cancer, she got recurrence. She resorted to minimally invasive treatment instead of surgery and chemotherapy this time. Through 2 sessions of interventional therapy in 2 months, her tumor measuring about 4.2 cm has disappeared.

Rejected surgery and chemotherapy after breast cancer recurrence

In December 2015, Viengsamay Mixayboua accidentally detected a bean-sized mass in her right breast. After check-up at Bangkok hospital, she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. Doctor suggested her take surgery at once as malignant tumor develops so fast, and told her she might only left one month to live once cancer metastasized. To save life, Viengsamay Mixayboua received surgery and chemotherapy in Thailand. However, one year later, cancer recurred in her right breast. Thai doctor recommended her surgery again, but she hesitated and wondered whether the second time of surgery would work or not. If cancer metastasized to other parts of body, what would she’ll she do? At last, Viengsamay refused the suggestions and decided to find other alternative cancer treatments.

Finally, Viengsamay found out St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on the Internet, which has minimally invasive treatment Laos and Thailand hospitals don’t have. Compared with conventional therapies, minimally invasive treatment has advantages of small trauma, few side effects, quick recovery, etc. Besides, breast cancer patients just like her get improvement after this treatment.

Interventional therapy kills tumor with size of 4.2 cm in 2 months

With hope, Viengsamay was admitted to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in January 2017. Through examination, doctor found out a tumor with size of 4.2cm in her right breast and cancer metastasized to the nearby lymph nodes. MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) made interventional therapy as main treatment plan for her. After underwent the first session, she got very good effect without any side effects. She said she felt the breast tumor shrunk obviously 10 days after the treatment. One week later, she was discharged.

breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, minimally invasive treatment, interventional therapy, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Viengsamay and medical staff

In Feb. 2017, Viengsamay took the second session of interventional therapy. This time, she didn’t worry too much because she saw hope after the first session. Tumor in her right breast has almost disappeared. Viengsamay said, “When I came here, I believed I can get very good treatments. Now I feel my body turn better and I am so thankful to all of medical staff here.”

Trust the hospital, never give up

According to Viengsamay, she felt very depressed when knowing the first diagnosis. In Thailand, she was frustrated even wanted to give up during chemotherapy. When breast cancer recurred, she determined to find more suitable treatment instead of chemotherapy. “I’m so lucky that I can found out St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. In 2 months, my condition turned better and there is no pain during treatment. Here, I have not only gotten better, but also made many new friends. I become more positive and this hospital makes me feel like at home.

Breast cancer patient Aoi Tokhongmuang visited Viengsamay

At last, Viengsamay also encourages other cancer patients, “I have turned better after taking treatments. I hope other cancer patient must have faith that we can regain health. Trust this hospital, and never give up! ”

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