Perseverance of a Senior Parkinson Disease Patient*
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  • 2023-09-14
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Sabadi Indonesian
Diseases:Parkinson disease
Treatment programs:

Parkinson disease; Stem cell therapy for Parkinson disease; Stem cell; stem cell therapy

70-year-old, is it old? Yes. 70-year-old means old to most people. 70-year-old, is it not old? No. For Sabadi, there is a long way to go, though she suffers from Parkinson disease. Time flies by and she haven’t give up life and time.

Sad news—— she was diagnosed with Parkinson disease.

“Well, look at the shot, right.” Click, a picture was taken. With flushing and shining complexion and wearing a black cap, Sabadi stands by interpreter and staffs from Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell research and Treatment Center). She looks very energetic and nothing indicates she is a patient with three diseases.

Sabadi was diagnosed with primary Parkinson disease one year ago and she had have type2 diabetes and hypertension (high risk) before that. The definite diagnosis was no doubt sad news for her. Was there any worsen thing than that?

Unfortunately, there is. Doctors told her that they didn’t have effective way to treat this disease.

“In the past one year, I have been taking the oral medication. Doctors told me that the therapy now can merely improve the condition of Parkinson disease, instead of stopping the process of the disease.”

A glimmer of hope—— she underwent stem cell therapy.

On April 4th, Sabadi came to Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center). Sabadi had have “slow movement and tremor for 1 and half years”, and continuing heavy insomnia for 1 months. However, fortunately, doctors here told her there wasn’t no hope.

“With the function of repairing injured nerves, stem cells help to repair and supply nigral cells and recover dopamine level, which improves symptoms such as tremor, stiffness, bradykinesia. Stem cell therapy treats Parkinson disease by this way. ” Though she checked a lot of data about stem cell technology, she was assured by the attending doctor Pang Xiaodong’s explaination.

“What I should do now is waiting patiently for treatment. I believe experts and doctors here.”

Parkinson disease; Stem cell therapy for Parkinson disease; Stem cell; stem cell therapy

Hope of success—— stem cell therapy have given effectives

After admission, Sabadi had a consultation of experts from Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center) and other hospitals. Then an elaborated treatment plan was made for her and she underwent the first stem cell treatment on April 9th.

After the treatment, Sabadi’s tremor has been alleviated. Her movement and turn-back have been more flexible, and insomnia has been improved, which is a great contrast to the condition when she was admitted.

Perseverance is success—— age is not an barrier in the fighting with diseases

“I know other’s thought that I’m 70-year-old with all kinds of diseases and since Parkinson disease is not so easy to treat, is it necessary to go far to China to undergo treatment?” Sabadi seemed to be helpless when she talked about it. However, she chose to face reality optimistically and hold on. She is 70-year-old now and both life and time are precious for her. There is still a long way for her to go and she wants to enjoy more time with family.

Perseverance is success—— age is not a barrier in the fighting with diseases

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