Title:Cancer Prevention And Treatment Minimally Invasive Treatment Sharing Session will meet you again!    Time:March 2rd to 5th    Free online consultation appointment!
Title:Cancer Prevention And Treatment Minimally Invasive Treatment Sharing Session will meet you again!      Time:March 2rd to 5th      Free online consultation appointment!
Minimally invasive interventional therapy helped me survive for more than 8 years with stage IV cervical cancer
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  • 2023-12-01
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Fei Fei Indonesia
Diseases:Cervical cancer
Treatment programs:Interventional Therapy
"I believe in God and be grateful for everything, even cancer. Since this is a necessary trial in my life, I choose to be optimistic. I have cancer, but cancer has not defeated me."

Fei Fei in treatment

There will inevitably be setbacks in life

In October 2016, I was diagnosed with stage ⅠB cervical cancer during a random physical examination. I normally enjoy exercise and have a regular daily routine, but I had "won the lottery" so I was unprepared for the unexpected news, and I was upset and scared, but I still believed that there was a way out. local doctor advised me to have immediate surgery to prevent my condition from getting worse, but I had already signed up for the Cuban marathon at the time and decided to wait until after the race was over. After the competition I was checked again in a hospital in Singapore, the result showed 4B cervical cancer and the advice given by the doctors was chemotherapy, considering that the side effects of chemotherapy would affect my quality of life and make me a bedridden patient for the rest of the day. I rejected the doctor's advice and went back to Indonesia to continue looking for better treatment options.

2016 marathon in Prague

Everything worked out for the best

I am an Internet technology worker. I believe that there is a new technology in the world for the targeted treatment of cancer, so I have been searching on Google. Fortunately, I came across St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on the Internet. The targeted minimally invasive treatment suddenly turns me on, as if grasping at a life-saving straw. I came here in December 2016 with great hope. But the development of the disease was unexpected. The cervical cancer had progressed to stage IV (tumor size was about 6.2cm x 3.7cm) and spread to the rectum, liver and bladder. I was very shocked. The MDT team set up a treatment plan for me: interventional treatment + natural therapy and immune enhancement. After one cycle of treatment, I felt that my body and mentality were slowly getting better. During the treatment, I often went to Baiyun Mountain near the hospital to climb, starting with difficult steps until I could reach the top of the mountain or even other mountain peaks. I am very satisfied with the progress and effect of the treatment,I think the hardest part of the process was the treatment, because of the genuine concern and help of the medical staff, who listened patiently and treated me very kindly, which made the process easier to get through than I thought it would be.

Feifei's pre - and post-treatment CT results

In June 2017, I returned to the hospital for a check-up as usual. I met the medical staff and the translator again. They were all pleased with my lively condition. The doctor told me good news, the CT scan showed that the cancer cell activity had almost "disappeared" and all indicators were close to normal. What surprised me even more was that the medical staff had prepared a birthday cake and delicious food to celebrate my birthday. The moment they surrounded me and sang a birthday song, I felt so happy and blessed.

The paramedics celebrate Feifei's birthday

This is the real me:

I'm a chef

I couldn't cook before because I was busy at work, and have no time to enjoy the life, but after the illness I gradually realized the importance of health. During my hospitalization, I often cooked healthy food by myself in the hospital kitchen. In May 2017, while recuperating at home, I attended a cooking class in Bali, learned cooking skills from a Japanese chef and received a certificate. Friends who attended the cooking class were in disbelief that I had stage IV cervical cancer and all congratulated me on my current health.

Feifei and her classmate from Cooking class

Feifei’s cooking certification

I'm a diver

I love nature and often travel, climb mountains, dive and do sports with my friends to experience all the beautiful things.cancer was like an adventure in life, and my life has been elevated by this experience. I would like to thank St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for giving me the opportunity to be reborn, so that I can continue to live a wonderful life and enjoy life in the future.

I am the winner of the 42KM Himalayan Marathon

In March 2018, after saying goodbye to cancer, I was able to enjoy my biggest hobby again. I ran a marathon in the Himalayas and completed 42 kilometers. This is very difficult because the Himalayas are very high up and there is a lack of oxygen. What went through my mind at the time was the face of every cancer patient. I want to dedicate every mile to them, hoping that they will be as brave as me in fighting cancer, and then be successful and healthy. I kept going one kilometer after another until kilometer 42.

I'm a cancer survivor

In October 2023, I attended the meeting of cancer survivors organized by the Jakarta office of St. Stanford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After 8 years, I am glad to share my experience of cancer fighting as a cancer survivor. Cancer has taught me more about the meaning of life, and I hope I can do my best to bring opportunities and blessings to others, hoping that they can also get good treatment, so as to be healthy and happy.

In October 2023, Feifei participated in a meeting of cancer survivors at the Jakarta office

I'm an anti-cancer star

In November 2023, I came to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou again. This time, I came here first to participate in the activity of "In long years of fighting cancer, feeling warm in Modern Cancer Hospital" anti-cancer star return to base. I am looking forward to seeing the medical staff again who took cared of me , and having the opportunity to thank them again for the excellent care they gave me and for giving me a second life.

During my cancer treatment, I am especially grateful to nurse Lili for her great help. Her patience and encouragement were a ray of hope in my most difficult time, which moved me deeply. I can't express my gratitude enough, so I'm presenting her with what I consider to be my greatest achievement so far - a 42km Himalayan Marathon medal - to show my deep appreciation !

Feifei presents the Himalayan Marathon medal to the nurse

I'm a writer and a charity worker

God has blessed me through the medical staff of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and enabled me to regain a healthy body. I want to continue to pass on this blessing. So I wrote a book to share the challenges and experiences I have encountered in life, hoping to infect others with a positive attitude. During the epidemic, I also continued to do charity work and did my best to help people who were struggling. Therefore, I hope happiness can circulate continuously from my hands.

A book Feifei wrote after she beat cancer, titled “Masterpiece in the Making”

“I have always believed that there is a greater version of ourselves in each of us. If we dare to face the challenge, in the face of cancer or any other difficulty, we can overcome what we want to overcome. I hope that friends who are struggling with cancer or any other difficulty never give up and dare to face the challenge!"

Fei Fei's encouragement words to other patients

Introduction to minimally invasive Technology

interventional therapy

Interventional therapy involves puncture under the guidance of medical imaging equipment, using precision instruments such as special tube or catheter to directly inject anti-tumor drugs that are 2 to 8 times higher than intravenous drip drug concentrations into the tumor, at the same time, the blood supplying arteries of the tumor are embolized to achieve the purpose of shrinking or even eliminating the tumor.

1. It has the advantages of less trauma, fewer complications, safety, and quick recovery.
2. It is suitable for patients who are ineffective with traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy and who are unwilling or unsuitable for surgery.
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