Title:【2024 July Cancer Treatment And Prevention Minimally Invasive Technologies Sharing Session】 Invite you to join us!    Time:From July 12-15th, 2024    online consultation appointment!
Title:【2024 July Cancer Treatment And Prevention Minimally Invasive Technologies Sharing Session】 Invite you to join us!      Time:From July 12-15th, 2024      online consultation appointment!
Interventional treatment allowed me to survive for 6 years and give birth to a child smoothly
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  • 2023-12-29
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Winda Fitrianah Muchlis Indonesia
Diseases:Ovarian cancer
Treatment programs:Interventional therapy
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(Interview with Winda)

I am Winda Fitrianah Muchlis from Jakarta, Indonesia, currently 45 years old. Now that I am rosy-cheeked, can you imagine that I am a patient who was once diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer?

The resection caused a severe recurrence of the ovarian cancer

In June 2016, I felt unbearable pain in my abdomen. After an examination at the local hospital, a tumor about 9 cm in size was found on my left ovary. The doctor recommended removal. I was horrified and had treatment immediately. I originally thought that I would be fine after the tumor was removed and that I would say goodbye to the cancer. However, in December, shortly after the operation, I felt abdominal pain and discomfort again. After another examination, it turned out that the tumor in the pelvic lymph nodes was about 1.4 cm in size. After hearing the news, I was almost in despair and thought: "Am I going to be tormented by cancer for the rest of my life?"

Fortunately, I learned that my uncle had been treated for lymphoma at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou and was now healthy again and had said goodbye to cancer. Based on my family’s successful treatment experience, I firmly believed that I could also be successful, so I came to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

I came to the hospital in January 2017. It was more than eight months after the ovarian cancer surgery, and I was already fragile due to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms. When I was admitted, the nurse and doctor greeted me kindly and asked me to rest for a day before the examination. After a series of examinations, I was diagnosed with postoperative recurrence of left ovarian cancer (stage IV) with mediastinal lymph node metastasis + subclavian lymph node metastasis. After the hospital MDT studied my condition, they developed a minimally invasive interventional treatment that boosted my immunity.

(In 2017, I was in the hospital for treatment)

Minimally invasive interventional therapy eliminated the tumor completely

After my first minimally invasive interventional treatment, I was delighted with the treatment process. I didn't feel any pain during the process. Minimally invasive treatments have eliminated my concerns and fears about traditional cancer treatments, and I am completely stress-free. After a short period of treatment, my physical condition improved significantly and I no longer had symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. I felt much happier and started laughing and joking with other Indonesian patients, chatting with the nurses, and even going out to eat and take a walk. The doctors and nurses were happy to see me so lively and congratulated me.

After the third interventional treatment, the examination results showed that the approximately 1.4cm tumor had completely "disappeared". After hearing the news, I was very happy and grateful. I experienced the effect and speed of the treatment technology, felt my body gradually becoming healthier, and received endless surprises. I do not regret that I traveled thousands of miles to China for treatment. I am grateful for my bravery and persistence, and especially grateful to the doctors and nurses at the hospital for their careful care, which allowed me to say goodbye to cancer and return to my original self again!

(In 2017, I went to hospital for treatment for the second time)

Tears of joy at the birth of an angelic baby

As a stage IV patient whose ovarian cancer has recurred after surgery and has undergone cancer treatments such as resection surgery, I never dared to hope that I would be able to have another child. After undergoing standardized minimally invasive cancer treatment at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, I followed the doctor’s advice developed good eating habits, exercise habits, etc., and lived an active life. Until one day, my little angel came to me! Until the moment I saw such a healthy and cute baby, I felt like I had found a treasure and cried with joy! Thanks to God’s guidance, I came to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and received high-quality minimally invasive treatment, which not only restored my health but also preserved my ovarian function. Even my Indonesian doctors marveled that they had never seen a stage IV ovarian cancer patient with such good ovarian function. From the beginning of pregnancy to delivery, they paid close attention to me until the child was born safely. They all praised the cancer treatment technology of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, which can give cancer patients new hope and new life!

(My son and I in 2023)

After 6 years, I once again thank my attending doctor

On November 15, 2023, when I came to the hospital again as an anti-cancer star who had survived for 6 years, I was full of expectations and gratitude. To my surprise, I met Dr. Lin Jing, who was treating me at that time. I said hello and thanked Dr. Lin with a big smile. We talked endlessly about the treatment experience in the hospital and expressed our sincere wishes to each other.

(Dr. Lin and I in 2023)

Dr. Lin met me for the first time in 2017, and it was Dr. Lin's hard work that turned me back into a healthy state step by step. From weakness to recovery, she witnessed every change in the recovery process and finally succeeded in discharging me from the hospital in a healthy condition. Until now, I have seen Dr. Lin seeing such a lively and cheerful me again after 6 years, her face is full of relief and joy. She congratulated me affectionately on my rebirth, and always reminded me to have regular check-ups, hoping that I would stay healthy forever.

Before the event started, when Dr. Lin came through the door, I felt like a graduate meeting her mentor again after so many years. I said happily and nervously, "I didn't know you were coming, and I have no preparation yet." I formally expressed my deep gratitude to Dr. Lin and my respect for her treatment skills. Not only did she help me to be reborn, but she also helped me regain my fertility. Looking back on the treatment experience that year, Dr. Lin patiently explained the condition to me so many times, which deeply moved me. I wish Dr. Lin always good health, happiness, and longevity.

Choose the right treatment and try your best to fight against cancer!

Having experienced the recurrence of cancer myself, I always reminded cancer patients to be wise in choosing the right treatment to avoid physical pain. During the treatment process, friendly and thoughtful nurses, patient doctors, medical trips, and other activities, it was these family-like medical staff and home-like environment that helped me defeat cancer. Secondly, I suggest that friends who are fighting cancer should value high-quality treatment services and the environment. Only a joyful mood can greatly enhance the body's immunity and effectively improve the effect of cancer treatment.

In the activity of "In Long Years of Fighting Cancer, Feeling Warm in Modern Cancer Hospital" anti-cancer stars return to base, I would like to express my gratitude once again. Thinking back to the pain and despair the cancer caused in the beginning, the inability to accept the fact that I could not have children, the helplessness of undergoing resection surgery, and the panic and depression after the cancer recurred. Until I followed God’s guidance and encountered St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. I beat the cancer with a simple treatment. I was not only restored to health but also blessed with a bright son. I am grateful that I did not give up on myself, and I am even more grateful for all that the hospital gave me. Without the right treatment from the hospital, I would not have all of this.

I hope more cancer patients will have access to high-quality treatment options. If you have cancer, pray sincerely and never give up!

In 2023, I send blessings to cancer patients

Introduction to minimally invasive technology

Interventional therapy involves puncture under the guidance of medical imaging equipment, using precision instruments such as special tube or catheter to directly inject anti-tumor drugs that are 2 to 8 times higher than intravenous drip drug concentrations into the tumor, at the same time, the blood supplying arteries of the tumor are embolized to achieve the purpose of shrinking or even eliminating the tumor.
1. It has the advantages of less trauma, fewer complications, safety, and quick recovery.
2. It is suitable for patients who are ineffective with traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy and who are unwilling or unsuitable for surgery.
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