Integrated minimally invasive tumor treatment eliminates my nasopharyngeal cancer while tumor is as big as an egg
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  • 2024-03-12
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Lukman Holy Indonesia
Diseases:Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Treatment programs:Interventional therapy
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"I am glad to have found St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou because the minimally invasive treatment technology here does not harm normal tissues of the body. Compared with the pain caused by the side effects of systemic chemotherapy, I am really lucky! During the treatment of cancer, I can still maintain a good quality of life, which is a blessing brought by the new technology of cancer treatment. "This is my true experience after treatment at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

On January 11, 2024, I came to the hospital for further treatment and was interviewed by the hospital

After the first systemic chemotherapy, I fainted and fell to the ground

I am Lukman Holy from Makassar, Indonesia. In 2022, I started to feel unwell: gum discomfort, frequent runny nose, and the runny nose was accompanied by bloodshot eyes! I felt uneasy at that time and had a premonition: something big must have happened to me! I was rushed to the local hospital for examination. The results showed that I had sinusitis and three masses were found in the nasal cavity. However, the doctor could not make a clear diagnosis. I felt extremely worried and helpless about this. So I went to a Malaysian hospital for a checkup, and the results showed nasopharyngeal cancer. The tumor was as big as an egg (about 6.1cmx4.0cm). The doctor recommended that I undergo systemic chemotherapy and accept the treatment suggestions given by the doctor. Subsequently, I underwent systemic chemotherapy for 6 hours, but after the systemic chemotherapy, I fainted and fell to the ground. My family was panicked, so we had to find another way out.

Minimally invasive interventional treatment with quick recovery gives me great hope

While searching, I found St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, a specialized cancer hospital. I also learned that the hospital’s treatment technology features minimally invasive treatments with minimal side effects, quick recovery, and few complications. So in November 2023, I traveled thousands of miles to Guangzhou and found the hospital. The MDT formulated a treatment plan for me based on the examination results, which mainly focused on minimally invasive interventional therapy. Minimally invasive interventional therapy uses drug concentrations 8-10 times higher than systemic chemotherapy drugs without harming normal cells. Anti-tumor drugs are infused into the tumor site through a particularly small tube under the computer imaging instructions.

Before treatment, my mouth felt thirsty every day, my hearing was unstable, my nasal cavity felt abnormal and it was difficult to swallow, my tongue was numb, my speech was unclear, and I often had low-grade fevers and nosebleeds. But after one course of treatment, all my symptoms disappeared significantly in just a few days: nosebleeds, slight fever, tongue abnormalities, nasal cavity abnormalities and other symptoms disappeared! Hearing is also normal! After three minimally invasive treatments, not only was there no pain or fainting caused by systemic chemotherapy, but the egg-sized tumor had almost disappeared!

Today, I firmly believe that the hospital's treatment technology can help me regain "health." During my hospitalization, I often walked in gardens and leisure areas and chatted with patients from Indonesia and other countries. Like me, they had unsatisfactory treatment results in their countries, but they received high-quality treatment after coming to the hospital, and all of them successfully defeated cancer! Their success stories give me great hope.

Before treatment, the tumor size of about 6.1cm x 4.0cm completely blocked the nasopharynx, and the tumor was significantly reduced after treatment

Integrating minimally invasive treatment techniques wows community leaders

I work as a secretary in the Indonesian "Indo-Chinese Association of 100 People's Names", where I have met many local social organization leaders and successful people, and actively participate in activities of major local communities. I wrote my cancer treatment experience into an article, hoping that people who have experienced the ordeal of cancer can find salvation and identify minimally invasive treatments to help them avoid the pain and despair of systemic chemotherapy. My sharing received high recognition and attention from local groups. After reading my article, they came to my home to visit me. I am very happy. After they learned about the minimally invasive cancer treatment technology with minimal side effects and complications, they all praised it. I was also very pleased and hoped that they would work with me to spread the good news.

On November 30, 2023, I wrote an article about my cancer treatment experience

Coffee powder manufacturer, chairman and members of the Indo-Chinese Association of 100 People's Names came to visit me

Nickel businessman, general chairman of the Indo-Chinese Association of 100 People's Names, and leaders of social organizations came to visit me

The Chairman and staff of the Kwongsiew Association came to visit me

High-quality treatment technology and services are the optimal choice for cancer medical treatment

In addition to treatment technology, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is also worthy of recognition in terms of medical services: airport pick-up and wheelchair services, Indonesian (multilingual) translation services, medical travel, birthday celebrations for patients, celebration programs, beds for family members, complete facilities in the ward, and a clean and tidy environment have brought great convenience and comfort to patients. Doctors and nurses make rounds every day to express condolences about my condition, feelings and daily life. I sincerely thank St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for not only saving my life, but also providing good treatment to cancer patients from Indonesia and other countries.

On January 11, 2024, my wife and I took a group photo with the attending doctor, director, and head nurse

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