The integrative minimally invasive treatment of tumor has allowed me to go from stage IV urethral adenocarcinoma to "healthy" as usual
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  • 2024-03-14
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Tan Tanty Bintari Indonesia
Diseases:Urachal adenocarcinoma
Treatment programs:interventional treatment + seeds implantation + targeted therapy + natural therapy
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"On this long road to fighting cancer, we may experience ups and downs, like climbing over mountains. But don't be afraid, quality treatment technology and medical services (choosing the right hospital, advanced medical technology and quality medical services), excellent doctors and nurses will help us overcome every obstacle. So we need to persevere, be optimistic, brace ourselves and believe that we can fight cancer!" said Tan Tanty Bintari from Indonesia.

I have been in good physical condition during the treatment

I was unable to take care of myself after traditional anti-cancer treatment

In 2022, the symptoms of blood in the urine led me to a Singapore hospital, and the results of the examination showed that it was stage IV urinary adenocarcinoma. The sudden news weighed down on me like a huge rock, and I was terrified and panicked. At that time, the doctor recommended surgery, biopsy, and systemic chemotherapy. My family and I chose to follow the doctor's advice and started the treatment. However, during the traditional treatment, my body began to weaken, I lost my appetite, and vomited, and the stress and pain caused by these side effects seriously affected my life, and the tumor did not shrink significantly, and my family and I were in a difficult situation.

St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a new hope for cancer treatment!

At this critical moment, my sister-in-law introduced me to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, where she had successfully treated for breast cancer, she suffered from great physical pain and psychological pressure before treatment, and her cancer never recurred in the past 12 years after treatment, and her quality of life has improved. She was convinced that this was my chance to regain good treatment and highly recommended I go to this hospital for treatment.

Although my sister-in-law highly recommended this hospital, my family and I still rigorously checked various information on the Internet, found the Surabaya International Service Center in Indonesia, successfully made an appointment to consult an oncologist remotely and received a positive reply. When we learned that minimally invasive treatment has the advantages of few side effects and fast recovery, my family and I seemed to see a glimmer of hope and decided to go to Guangzhou for treatment.

At first, I had some hesitations and worries because the hospital was abroad, but when I learned more about the advanced technologies of the hospital, these concerns became insignificant. Coupled with the airport's pick-up and drop-off services for international patients, multilingual translation, and food and beverage services, my family and I embarked on our international medical journey with complete peace of mind.

Minimally invasive treatment of tumors allowed me to start fighting cancer with ease

In August 2023, the Surabaya International Service Center in Indonesia processed my visa and round-trip air tickets, and my family and I flew to Guangzhou, China smoothly. As soon as we arrived in Guangzhou, the staff of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou came to pick us up at the airport, and their attentive service and kind attitude made us feel comfortable and at ease.

After arriving at the hospital, I had a PET CT scan and the results showed that the tumor size was about 3.8cmx4.4cmx2.2cm, considering that the umbilical urethral malignancy with multiple lung metastases, the MDT immediately developed a comprehensive minimally invasive treatment plan for me, including interventional therapy, seed implantation, targeted therapy, and naturopathy. The doctors and translators patiently explained my condition and treatment plan, which made my family feel trusted and hopeful.

Minimally invasive interventional therapy with few side effects and fast recovery

During the minimally invasive interventional treatment, the operation time was only 30 minutes, and the drug was directly perfused to the tumor center through the artery, which did not harm the normal cells, so I was not stressed during the treatment, and I was able to sleep, eat and move normally after the operation without feeling great pain and side effects. Compared with the side effects and complications caused by systemic chemotherapy, this greatly reduces my physical and mental burden, and it’s safer.

My family and I are very happy and have thoroughly verified that coming for treatment is the right choice. After two minimally invasive treatments, symptoms such as blood in the urine have completely disappeared, the body has gradually returned to normal, and the condition has been well controlled. After completing the treatment plan of the MDT, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of the examination, the lung tumor has completely disappeared, and the tumor above the bladder is almost gone.

Comparison of CT results before and after treatment showed that the tumor was significantly reduced

Grateful for the international quality of medical care that keeps me "healthy" as usual

During the minimally invasive treatment, I feel like I’m not a cancer patient, and the medical trip becomes one of my most unforgettable memories. Walking around the city of Guangzhou, enjoying the scenery and food together, we forget about the existence of cancer. Tomorrow, I'm going shopping with my friends and family. I’m grateful that the minimally invasive treatment not only frees me from the pain of traditional treatment but also allows me to maintain a good quality of life and feel the meaning of life without being a bedridden patient.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, without this hospital, I would not only have to suffer from the pain of systemic chemotherapy, but also be "haunted" by cancer and be physically destroyed, and it would be difficult for me to return to normal life. I am thankful that I met St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, which gave me the courage and hope to live again, and let me know that even if I am diagnosed with cancer, there are still new technologies and new hopes for cancer treatment! Even cancer patients can live happily while undergoing treatment! I also hope that my friends who are facing cancer like me can recognize the right hospital, excellent cancer treatment technology and service, and fight against cancer with confidence!

A picture of me with the doctors. Thank you for their healing and blessings
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