Esophageal Cancer Patient Stories
  • They come from different countries but have similar experience; they are all tortured by cancer. Fortunately, with effective treatment and carful nursing in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, they fight against cancer bravely and now regain their confidence of life. Here, they share their anti-cancer experiences.

Esophageal Cancer Patient Stories

DAM VAN HOE      Esophageal Cancer

Vietnamese patient DAM VAN HOE was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in November 2018 with liver, mediastinum, and cervical lymph node metastasis. At that time, he found it difficult...

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NGUYEN VAN THANH      Esophageal Cancer

NGUYEN VAN THANH, an esophageal cancer patient from Vietnam, took interventional therapy, natural therapy etc in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Now, he is in better condition and...

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Tong Cong Tinh      Esophageal Cancer

Tong Cong Tinh, an esophageal cancer patient from Vietnam, has been fighting against cancer for 5 years. His physical condition is like normal people now after interventional therap...

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