Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Anni Ibriah
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 6 years

Anni Ibriah, comes from Indonesia, was diagnosed with stage IV nasopharyngeal cancer. She took treatment in 2004.During her reexami...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
How Peng Kooi
MalaysiaSurvive for more than 7 years

Malaysian How Peng Kooi was diagnosed with NPC with metastasis to bilateral cervical lymph nodes. In Oct. 2016, he was admitted to ...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
MalaysiaSurvive for more than 7 years

NG MAN HONG, from Malaysia, is diagnosed as nasopharyngeal cancer patient. After one session of interventional therapy at Modern Ca...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 7 years

Nasopharyngeal cancer patient SUNG DJAN TJU, from Indonesia, came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for cancer treatment in 2009....

Nasopharyngeal cancer
MalaysiaSurvive for more than 8 years

VOO CHEW WAH, comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer patient. After taking interventional therapy in...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Coin Hober
IndonesiaSurvive for more than 7 years

Coin Hober, an Indonesian nasopharyngeal cancer patient, took interventional therapy, natural therapy etc in MCHG. Now, his tumor h...

Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Victor Hugo
philippinesSurvive for more than 11 years

After the first session of treatment, my daughter and I have reached an agreement that we hope to share my treatment story with our...

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