Visits and Exchanges for Development: Indonesian Traditional Health Committee and St. Stamford International Medical TCM Exchange Group’s Trip to China
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  • 2023-09-14
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On August 11th and 13th, a TCM exchange group consisting of SUNARTO HARDJO SOETOPO, Chairman of the Indonesian Traditional Health Committee, SURYAWAN ANG, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Traditional Health Committee, and LIN DAOXUAN, Vice President of St. Stamford International Medical Group, and HE LANGBING, Director of the International Affairs Department, visited Guangdong Neptunus Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University in succession. Ltd, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, aiming to learn TCM, understand the new research results of TCM, bring Chinese medicine, the cultural treasure of China, to Indonesia, and give full play to the advantages and role of TCM in preventing and treating diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting people’s health.

The Indonesian Traditional Health Committee is a non-structural body whose function is to regulate, define and guide traditional health practitioners in the practice of traditional health in order to enhance the quality of services and to regulate, define and guide in the area of expertise.

The first stop of the visit was Guangdong Neptunus Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. where Vice President Pan Yeting, Director of Quality Control Department Fu Qian and other leaders warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the basic situation of Neptunus Group to the delegation. At the meeting, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges on the healthy development of TCM. Vice President Pan Yeting expressed his willingness to strengthen cooperation between the two sides and work together to promote the comprehensive promotion and popularization of TCM in Indonesia.


During the event, Vice President Pan Yeting led a tour of the company’s interior, introducing the Group’s products, operation processes, three major logistics systems, and talent training.

(Exchanging gifts)

The second stop visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice President Wang Dawei welcomed the exchange group’s visit. Vice President Wang introduced that the hospital is one of the first batch of “National TCM Inheritance and Innovation Project Key TCM Hospital Construction Units”, and has always adhered to the direction of inheriting and developing TCM.


Hospital staff also led a tour of the hospital’s oncology center, acupuncture, massage and rehabilitation center, etc. Acupuncture Director Wang Shuxin also introduced the fire needle therapy, and learned that the chairman of the Indonesian Traditional Health Committee, SUNARTO HARDJO SOETOPO, recently had a headache and was not feeling well, and Director Wang Shuxin administered fire-acupuncture therapy for the chairman, SUNARTO HARDJO SOETOPO, on the spot and said he was relieved a lot after the acupuncture was done and marveled at the miraculousness of the acupuncture!

(Exchanging gifts)

The third stop was at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, where members of the exchange group were received by Xie Xu Tao, Deputy Secretary, and Fan Hui, Minister of Science and Technology.


Deputy Secretary Xie said that through this negotiation, he hoped that the two sides would maintain communication and contact, promote the development of collaboration with the Indonesian Traditional Health Committee in the field of health, and contribute to the creation of a human health community.

The university leaders led the group to visit Guangdong Metabolic Disease  Research Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine and the Science and Technology Building of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (GDPS), which introduced the scientific research strength and achievements of GDPS to the group.

SUNARTO HARDJO SOETOPO, Chairman of Indonesian Traditional Health Committee, said that this unique cultural visit and exchange tour of TCM has given them a deeper understanding of TCM, which is a very meaningful cultural exchange. In order to promote the development of TCM culture and technology in Indonesia, we will join hands with St. Stamford International Medical Group to build an internationalized technology exchange platform, learn and discuss more knowledge about disease prevention and treatment, carry out deeper cooperation and exchange, and bring the excellent TCM culture back to Indonesia for the benefit of more Indonesian patients.

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