Showing Heart, Talking Health: St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Malaysia Service Month Tea Party Activity Was Successfully Held
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  • 2024-03-11
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On January 12, 2024, a lively tea party event was held in the sky garden on the 4th floor of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The event was specially organized for Malaysian patients and their families who are undergoing treatment in the hospital, aiming to enrich their in-hospital life and enhance the quality of hospital services.

Universal Nutritional Knowledge to Provide Health Awareness for Oncology Patients

At the beginning of the activity, the hospital dietitian shared "Nutritional Support Treatment for Tumor Patients", popularizing the common nutritional misunderstandings of tumor patients and choosing appropriate nutritional supplements. It played a positive role in the daily health management of tumor patients. Patients and their families said that these contents are very useful for daily life, and they can better maintain a healthy life after learning them.

[Sharing by Dietitian]

After the sharing, to deepen the patients' grasp of nutritional knowledge, an interesting knowledge prize quiz was set up, which enabled everyone to master health knowledge and enrich the hospitalized life of patients and their families in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Anti-cancer Stars Share Stories, Showcase the Power of Role Models

Patients treated in the hospital are not alone, there are medical staff here to escort them, and of course, there is the power of role models. Every year, the hospital admits and treats thousands of overseas oncology patients, and many anti-cancer stars have recovered through the hospital's treatments. During the event, we invited Ms. Noraini, a Malaysian anti-cancer star, to share her experience of fighting cancer to encourage and motivate everyone.

[Ms. Noraini shares her story of fighting cancer]

Ms. Noraini is a breast cancer patient. On February 16, 2019, came to our hospital seeking treatment. At that time, the lumps in her breast and axilla were 3.3cmX6.3cm and 1.5cmX2.0cm respectively. After coming to the hospital Noraini underwent a minimally invasive combination of radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction for right breast cancer as well as interventional therapy+cryotherapy, and her condition was effectively controlled. It has been 5 years since then and there is no sign of recurrence.

[Ms. Noraini encouraging other patients]

Noraini's humorous sharing, which made the audience laugh, was a good morale booster and strengthened the confidence of Malaysian patients in their fight against cancer. Participating patients said they would keep a good mindset and cooperate well with the treatment to regain their health soon.

Patient-centered, Improving Service Quality 

In order to improve the service quality of the hospital and better serve the patients, Ms. Liu Yansheng, assistant director of the International Affairs Department, also came to the scene to sincerely communicate with the patients, practically put the patient's needs in the first place of the service, and let the patient's treatment process be full of care and love from the hospital. In the beautiful atmosphere of communication, everyone sincerely exchanged ideas and talked freely, and spent a pleasant afternoon.

Every tea party organized by the hospital is a successful practice of the "patient-centered" service concept. For patients, going abroad for treatment and having no relatives in a foreign country means facing more loneliness, worries, unknowns and uncertainties. At this time, each of our medical workers is equivalent to the patient's family, with infinite patience and love, to help patients regain their health, and then return home safely.
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