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International Oncology ResidentResident Physician
Resident Physician
Specialty: Specialized in chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and various comprehensive treatment measures and individualized treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, head and neck tumors, gynecological tumors, common chronic diseases in in...

Personal Profile

Has been engaged in clinical oncology for more than 6 years and has participated in various domestic oncology and internal medicine forums.

Specializes in the comprehensive treatment of various solid tumors (breast cancer, lung cancer, digestive tract tumors, gynecological tumors, head and neck tumors, etc.).

Be familiar with the principles of various radiotherapy and chemotherapy, select appropriate radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs according to the patient's body condition, and follow the principle of appropriate treatment.

Education Background:

Master's degree from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Research Technology: 

solid tumor chemotherapy, targeted therapy and various comprehensive treatments

Research Direction: 

tumor treatment

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