Title:【2024 July Cancer Treatment And Prevention Minimally Invasive Technologies Sharing Session】 Invite you to join us!    Time:From July 12-15th, 2024    online consultation appointment!
Title:【2024 July Cancer Treatment And Prevention Minimally Invasive Technologies Sharing Session】 Invite you to join us!      Time:From July 12-15th, 2024      online consultation appointment!
After triple-negative breast cancer recurred, integrating minimally invasive techniques helped me drive away the haze of despair!*
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  • 2024-04-04
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Elisabeth Netherlands
Diseases:Breast cancer
Treatment programs:Interventional therapy + natural therapy
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"Many desperate cancer patients are declared untreatable by local doctors, but you will see hope here. The hospital focuses on minimally invasive techniques and the patient is treated at the center. Don't waste too much time in hesitation and stumbling, you need timely treatment and you have more options!" This is my heartfelt appeal to cancer patients.

Weight loss of 20 kg after radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Didn't prevent breast cancer from coming back

My name is Elisabeth, I am 44 years old and I come from the Dutch Caribbean. In April 2022, I accidentally felt a lump in my left breast, which became more and more painful, and was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in my left breast at the local hospital. At the local hospital, I had a lot of chemotherapy, but the effect was not significant.

In local hospitals in the Netherlands, there are only traditional anti-cancer methods such as intravenous chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. On the doctor's advice, I underwent breast-conserving surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. For more than a year, I was tortured by the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to the point where I couldn't eat. I lost more than 20 kilograms in weight, and my appearance changed drastically. The doctor told me that the tumor had been removed and I was very happy.

(A recent photo of me)

However, in September 2023, a cyst suddenly grew at the incision of my left breast surgery, and it was painful when I pressed it. The results of PET-CT showed that the breast cancer recurred and invaded the chest wall after surgery, accompanied by lymph node metastasis. The doctor told me apologetically that there was no treatment suitable for me in Dutch hospitals.

Pain gradually reduced after Interventional treatment
Weight increased from 48 kg to 52 kg

As time went on, I became more and more desperate and started searching on the Internet for alternative treatments for triple-negative breast cancer, and St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou caught my attention. I learned that many patients had been in my hopeless situation but survived with minimally invasive treatments. This is exactly what my heart desires: I want to survive, and I want a better quality of life!

So, I consulted the staff online and made an appointment for a remote consultation. During the consultation, Director Ma said to me: "The hospital can help you. There are many minimally invasive treatments suitable for you. If a certain treatment is not effective, we can try others." These words gave me great encouragement and strength. My husband and I decided to come to China for treatment.

(I took a photo with Director Ma)

In November 2023, we arrived at the hospital. After a detailed physical examination, the hospital's MDT formulated a treatment plan for me that included interventional therapy and natural therapy. I felt relaxed when I had interventional treatment for the first time, and the whole process only lasted an hour.

Interventional therapy is to infuse anti-cancer drugs into the tumor site through a 2mm incision under the guidance of imaging equipment. The drug concentration is 8-10 times higher than systemic chemotherapy drugs and does not harm normal cells. After finishing, I felt a little weak, but there were no side effects such as nausea or vomiting. It was getting late at that time, and I even ate my dinner directly.

Interventional therapy with little side effect and good curative effect

As my husband recalls, I used to be in a very poor state after chemotherapy and was bedridden for several days. But now, my daily life is as usual, which makes him feel relieved. So far, I have received three interventional treatments. As the course of treatment progresses, the pain in my left chest is decreasing day by day, my appetite has improved, and my weight has increased from 48 to 52 kilograms.

Later, I had a CT examination. After the results came out, the attending doctor, Dr. Zhai, happily said to us: "The tumor continues to shrink and is effectively controlled. Your body parameters have also returned to normal. This shows that the treatment is very successful!" We are very happy and feel that the transnational treatment has achieved satisfactory results.

Five hours' walk proves improvement
They are the light in my fight against cancer

After being admitted to the hospital, I observed that patients are always regarded as the center of the hospital, and the medical staff care for the patients in every possible way.

One day, I found that my hair had grown so fast that it covered my eyes, and I needed a haircut urgently. I told the head nurse what I needed, and she immediately brought me hair-cutting tools and gave me a haircut. In local clinics and hospitals in the Netherlands, these humane services will not be provided. They will always say, "You have to deal with it yourself."

Here, the doctors are always waiting in the office. If I need anything, just tell the translator and the doctor will respond right away.

(My husband and I took a photo with Director Ma)

After I got better, Dr. Zhai told me to walk more and exercise, so I participated in the hospital's tour activities. That day, we arrived at Yongqingfang and Yuexiu Park. From 12 noon to 5 pm, we walked while looking at the scenery, and we walked for 5 hours without realizing it. I persisted, which proved that my health had improved, and my husband gave me a thumbs up!

(We participate in medical tourism held by the hospital)

My husband and I met through family members. After chatting online for a year, we fell in love and later got married successfully and had two sons. For more than ten years, he has always been considerate to me. Suffering from cancer is a double test for the patient and the family, but his love and patience for me have never changed.

During my stay in the hospital, he closely observed the changes in my condition every day and took photos to record them. He was the motivation for me to persevere. Thank you to my husband and the medical staff, they are the light on my way forward. Although I still have to insist on treatment, I firmly believe that my future will be better!
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