Malaysian Kwongwah website reported the Malaysian Delegation's visit in our hospital
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  • 2023-11-18
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In order to strengthen China-Malaysia medical and cultural exchanges, promote the common development of medical care between the two countries, and build a medical community of countries along the "Belt and Road". October 30th, The Malaysian Delegation arrived in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for a-day’s visit and exchange. The delegation of 17 people from management leaders and specialists of Malaysian famous medical institution such as GHHS, ASP Medical and Anti-cancer Institution and media reporters. Our president Mr. Wang Huaizhong and the leadership of the hospital held a grand welcome ceremony for the delegation and gave a speech.

Malaysian Kwongwah Website reported the Malaysian Delegation's visit in our hospital as follows

(Malaysian Kwongwah Website reported the Malaysian Delegation's visit)

The delegation visited the whole environment of our hospital, including the Interventional Suite, general ward, VIP ward and hospital garden. The specialists observed the process of minimally invasive operation and asked questions about the key points of the operation. The eighteen kinds of minimally invasive technology of our hospital were of full interest to them. Soon afterwards, the MDT Team Appearances was held and the specialists of delegation discussed the specific issues of cancer treatment with our MDT team in a warm atmosphere. At the same time, the Malaysian experts and media delegation visited the Malaysian patients in the hospital, and they carefully inquired about the patients' disease treatment, hospitalization experience and diet, and expressed their condolences to the patients.

After the visit, the Malaysian delegation said that the visit was very beneficial, and our hospital's international leading minimally invasive anticancer technology is what Malaysia lacks, and hoped that the Chinese and Malaysian medical circles would strengthen exchanges in the future to bring the gospel to more patients. 

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