Embrace Health And Enjoy Life: Indonesian Service Month Tea Party Was Successfully Held
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  • 2024-02-23
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In order to enrich the life of patients and their families in the hospital, build up patients' confidence in treatment and feel the warmth of the hospital family, the hospital held a tea party in the afternoon of October 20th  in the teleconference center with the theme of "Embrace Health, Enjoy Life" in the month of Indonesian service. The scene was simply and warmly decorated, and the activity was kicked off in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Providing care even though separated by distance

The patients present were from Indonesia, and at the beginning of the activity, they were connected to the Indonesian oversea offices. The staff of the overseas offices have a deep relationship with the patients, and although they are thousands of miles away, they are always concerned about the life of the patients in the hospital, and they expressed their hope that the patients can feel the warmth of the big family in the hospital, have a good experience of medical treatment, and wished the activity a complete success. The patients were also very happy and touched to see familiar faces on the screen and receive blessings from thousands of miles away.

[Representative office staff sends greetings to patients in the hospital]

Healthy living starts with what you eat

Afterward, Dr. Dong from the oncology ward shared the Healthy Diet Guide for Cancer Patients, Answered patients' questions about daily healthy eating and emphasized the importance of healthy eating for disease recovery, Patients and their families listened attentively and spoke positively to solve the big problem of " what is good to eat" when they are in a foreign country, and they said they had benefited a lot after the activity.

Deeply touched and motivating each other

During the tea party, patients and their family members let go of their inhibitions and spoke freely. Uncle Zheng (prostate cancer) and Auntie Hui (breast cancer) shared their stories of fighting cancer.

Uncle Zheng, although he’s in a wheelchair, still said generously and heartily, please be optimistic and believe that the doctors here can help us.

[Uncle Zheng shares anti-cancer stories]

Aunt Hui is an old friend of our hospital, after the treatment, her life is basically the same as that of ordinary people. In this regard, she is very grateful to the doctors in the hospital for taking care of her, and also encourages other patients to persist in treatment and can definitely live with cancer.

[Aunt Hui shares anti-cancer stories]

Here everyone has found a spiritual belonging, and it turns out that there are so many people here who care and help us. This has greatly increased everyone's confidence in cancer treatment and shown that cancer patients can also live a healthy life.

Listening To The Voice Of The Patients, Doctors And Patients Are Close Like Family

The assistant director of International Affairs Department and the head nurses of each ward also actively integrated into the chats with the patients, expressed their concern and blessings to the patients, listened to their voices, understood the needs of the patients and their families in the hospital, and solved the problems and difficulties they encountered in their lives. To provide patients with more intimate and cozy medical services, so that they can feel the general warmth of home.

In the tea party,blessings and care, warmed the hearts of patients and their families, set up a solid bridge of communication between doctors and patients, and jointly build a "family of doctors and patients" beautiful friendship.

Cancer patients are fighting death every moment, and patients and their families often suffer from inner suffering. For doctors, what needs to be done is not only to treat their diseases, but also to care about their inner feelings. The hospital not only uses cutting-edge technology to treat patients and effectively control their conditions, but also always cares about their lives and their mental health. In the hospital, medical staff do their best to help every tumor patient so that they can "embrace health and enjoy life" like ordinary people.
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