Face Life with a Smile and Beat Breast Cancer with Breast Reconstruction and Integrated Minimally Invasive Treatment!
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  • 2024-05-01
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Noraini Malaysia
Diseases:Breast Cancer
Treatment programs:Radical Breast Cancer Surgery + Breast Reconstruction
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Noraini is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is 46 years old, has a round googly-eyed face, and like all other Malays, she is spontaneous and frank, with short brown hair and a lively smile. Anyone who knows her will be infected by her optimistic and confident smile.

(Interview with Noraini- Part I)

(Interview with Noraini- Part II)

However, behind this smile hides Noraini's exceptionally difficult journey against cancer, and also represents her toughness of mind in her long-lasting battle with cancer. It has been a long time since her battle with cancer, which started 20 years ago. ...... Fortunately, she has been treated and restored to health at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for more than 5 years now.


18 sessions of chemo treatments

can't stop recurrent breast cancer from continuing to get worse

One day in 2003, Noraini inadvertently felt a lump in her left breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer after a physical examination at a local hospital in Malaysia. After a series of chemotherapy treatments, her tumor was under control and her discomfort had virtually disappeared. With a sigh of relief, she continued to devote herself to her passionate work, traveled around the world on holidays, and enjoyed life to the fullest.

However, years later, the gloom of cancer once again enveloped her life. In December 2016, Noraini suddenly felt discomfort in her right breast, and a physical examination revealed a lump in her right breast measuring about 2.5x2.0x2.1cm, and a biopsy pathology showed grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast accompanied by lymph node metastasis. The local doctor advised her to undergo chemotherapy followed by surgical resection. However, she was afraid of surgery and had doubts about its effectiveness. So she started to go abroad to seek better treatment options.

Noraini's life photo

Singapore was her first stop. "I received 18 chemotherapy treatments and 2 radioactive nuclear element treatments in Singapore. These therapies helped shrink the tumors, but never completely improved my condition." She recalled. The road ahead remained murky and uncertain, which left her in a state of frustration.

At this time, a doctor said to her, "Why don't you continue to try the Chinese anti-cancer technology?" This doctor recommended St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and its minimally invasive anti-cancer technology to Noraini, which gave her a ray of hope.

Noraini searched the hospital's official website on Google to learn more about minimally invasive techniques, and when she learned that the hospital was JCI-accredited in the U.S., she decided to come to China for treatment. She said, "At that time, I came to China with an open mind; I had to face the challenges and explore bravely."

Minimally invasive treatment and the miracle of breast reconstruction

gave her back her "health" and confidence!

In February 2019, Noraini arrived at St. Stamford Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital in a condition that had worsened from two years earlier: a right breast lump and axillary lymph nodes were larger than before, accompanied by pain in her right arm. Admission physical examination showed that her breast cancer had progressed to stage IIIB and spread throughout her body.

After the consultation, our MDT made a preliminary plan of "radical mastectomy of right breast cancer + reconstruction of the right breast" for her. First, the tumor in her right breast was removed, lymph node dissection was performed to clean up the lesion, and then breast reconstruction was performed at the same time.

Photo of Noraini first came to our hospital for treatment in February 2019

The principle of breast reconstruction is "safety first, aesthetics second", after the tumor lesion is removed, according to the patient's specific situation, the choice of prosthesis implantation or autologous tissue transplantation, to rebuild the shape of the female breast, so that it looks like a normal person.

To which Noraini was amazed, "The hospital was able to do simultaneous tumor removal and breast reconstruction, so I took that option. It was amazing and the doctors literally used my fat to reconstruct my breasts, so now there is no silicone in my breasts!"

After the treatment, the tumor in her body completely disappeared and her breasts looked no different from before. To consolidate her treatment, she followed up with interventional, naturopathic, and cryotherapy treatments at our hospital. In December 2019, she completed her course of treatment and returned to Malaysia.

"After the treatment, I became more and more energized. There are no words to describe the change in me, but anyone who has seen me before and after can tell I'm better!" She said gratefully.

Splendid after cancer

She spreads love to every patient

In the past few years, Noraini has kept her doctor's advice in mind, paid attention to diet and exercise, and had regular check-ups, and the cancer never came back to "bother" her again. In her life, she is a very energetic person, who enjoys watching movies, singing karaoke, and traveling around the world. ...... Her past experiences have made her appreciate life and every moment more.

After recovering, Noraini continues to travel the globe

In January 2024, Noraini returned to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, where she had been away for a long time, and met the medical staff who had taken care of her so well. She greeted them warmly, hugged them, posed for pictures, and told them how much she loved them.

The resident who had taken care of her was thrilled to tell her, "It's amazing how much prettier you've become after not seeing her for a few years!" Dai Wenyan, Director of our Breast Specialty, also said, "Noraini came to the hospital in a terrible state of health, but she bravely underwent breast reconstruction. It is a great relief for us as doctors to see her so healthy now."

Noraini was reunited with our medical staff in January 2024

She thanked them from the bottom of her heart, "Thank you to the healthcare staff for their selflessness, whether it's the doctors, the nurses, or the cleaning aunts, they do their best every day to help me, support me, and make me feel comfortable and safe."

More importantly, Noraini has found her mission in her "second life": to spread love, courage, and hope to more patients. She now actively participates in various anti-cancer sharing sessions and Pink Ribbon Forums in China and Malaysia, as well as radio programs to encourage patients with her personal experience.

Noraini was at our hospital for the Malaysian Month of Service Tea Party.

She urges patients to always face life with optimism: "You have to find scientific treatments, trust your doctors, and most importantly bathe yourself in love, joy optimism, and positivity and never give up. Cancer is not a death sentence, it is treatable!"

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